Grenfell Inquiry: “My brother was a hero that night. There is no justice & there is no peace. I will never forget & I will never forgive.”


“As there was no way down to escape the only alternative was to head to the top floor. There they met Ray and took refuge in his flat. The other residents were found on his bed, while he was beside the bed on the floor.

This shows the respect he gave to those who lost their lives that night, and we know that he would have given comfort to each of them before they took their last breaths and departed this world.

We know from the detail shared with us by the coroner that Ray was a hero on that tragic night.

He did not deserve to die by suffocation, cyanide poisoning and ultimately burned until his remains are no more than 30% of who he was.

Sadly where there is no justice there is no peace. I will never forget, I will never forgive.”

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