Venezuela’s Guaidó trying to rouse support for a attempted coup

The Latest on the political crisis in Venezuela
The Latest on the political crisis in Venezuela

Venezuelan authorities say they are putting down a small coup attempt after opposition leader Juan Guaidó announced he was in the “final phase” of ending President Nicolás Maduro’s rule.

He appeared in a video with uniformed men, claiming he had military support.

Guaidó, who declared himself interim president in January, called for more members of the military to help him remove President Maduro’s  from power.

The military has so far supported President Maduro and refused to back Mr Guaidó.

However the opposition leader has backing from dozens of countries, including the UK and EU but mainly the United States.

A spokeswoman for the Spanish government warned against “bloodshed” in Venezuela. “Spain is not supporting any military coup,” Isabel Celaa said, urging a “peaceful” outcome to the Venezuelan crisis.

Colombian President Iván Duque called on the Venezuelan army to back Mr Guaidó.

One of the key allies of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is accusing the U.S. of backing a “coup” in the country.

Bolivian President Evo Morales issued a call via Twitter Tuesday urging Latin American governments “to condemn the coup d’etat in Venezuela and keep the violence from claiming innocent lives.”

He blamed the U.S. for “provoking violence and death in Venezuela.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has discussed the ongoing military uprising in Venezuela with his top security body.

Russian news agencies on Tuesday quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying that Putin raised the current developments in Venezuela during his scheduled meeting with the Security Council.

Peskov said that the meeting “paid significant attention to the news reports about a coup attempt in that country.”

He did not elaborate further.

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