“… the Conservative party manifesto from the House of Commons Library is filed under ‘Political fiction’…” – Rayner calls out Education cuts


Shadow Secretary of State for Education Angela Rayner called out the broken promises on Education spending since Theresa May’s disastrous snap election:

“I welcome the new Secretary of State to his place. I wonder if he will join me in getting a copy of the Conservative party manifesto from the Library, where it is filed under “Political fiction”

He will notice, under the heading “Fairer funding”, a pledge to protect funding for the pupil premium.

Instead, it has been cut by more than £100 million in real terms this spending period.

Will he now act to keep that promise?

The Secretary of State’s predecessor this morning admitted that they were wrong to abolish maintenance grants, that the student finance system is regressive, that variable fees will punish the poorest and that their review is intended to kick the issue into the long grass, rather than make decisions. Apart from that, she is very supportive.

But she is right, is she not?”

There is a £200 million gap in the Sugar Levy Fund

New Shadow Education Minister Emma Lewell Buck: “The healthy pupils fund was designed to help pupils with a range of health needs.

The Department promised to protect the fund in full but has cut it, leaving a £200 million gap between income from the sugar levy and its spending commitments.

Can the Minister explain why he is content to see funding in this area slashed, and will he guarantee that there will be no more cuts?”

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