High Court orders Theresa May’s Tories to u-turn on PIP – and it’s going to cost the tax payer £3.7 billion


“For Esther McVey to say ‘there is a commitment to disabled people’ when the UN have described this Tory policy as a ‘human catastrophe’…it’s a disgrace!

“Today’s admission that the department will have to reconsider 1.6m Pip claims to ensure that all claimants receive the correct award is shocking.

The minister refused to publish a timetable of how many months or even years it will take for this ’complex exercise’ to be completed, despite the secretary of state being pressed on this point in the Commons last week.

The government was wrong to bring in the Pip regulations last year and it was wrong to ignore time and time again the views of the courts.

This sorry debacle is one of their own making. They must now get a grip on the Pip process and ensure all those affected by this policy receive back payments as soon as possible.”

Debbie Abrahams eviscerates Esther McVey over Tory PIP climbdown

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