“Vulture” law firm that profited from Carrillion collapse brought into government by the Tories.


“It is staggering that a senior partner from Slaughter and May, a firm which was heavily criticised by a cross-party committee for its involvement in Carillion’s downfall, is now a member of the Government’s BEIS Audit and Risk Assurance Committee.

Magic circle law firms, like Slaughter and May, were circling Carillion like vultures, squeezing every last penny of fee income as the company was going down.

It is therefore beyond belief, that the Government cannot see the absurdity of hiring someone from Slaughter and May to drive forward risk assurance when the firm got a one million pound payout just one day before Carillion bosses where begging for a Government bailout.

This appointment will also come as a real kick in the teeth to the thousands of workers and businesses in Carillion’s supply chain who have been hung out to dry.

The Government must urgently review the appointment of Nigel Boardman and report to Parliament, explaining what rationale they followed.”

Shadow Secretary of State Rebecca Long Bailey.

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