“I am an ex-soldier, I am a veteran of conflict. War in the Middle East is not in defence of our nation. May has broken the military covenant.”


“I am an ex-soldier, I am a veteran of conflict.

No more should our military be thrown upon the altar of corporate greed or be used by duplicitous politicians who care little for the lives they claim to protect.

War in the Middle East is not in defence of our nation, it is not a just cause, what we see is an escalation of the lies and deception going back to unfounded allegations of WMD used to fool the people in the initial Iraq war.

The results are countable in the lives of innocents who wish nothing more than the freedom to live their lives in peace, their lot in life is poor our intervention does not lessen the load but adds to the fear and destruction.

Bombs and bullets have never stopped a war only words and pens have that power.

It is wrong that our military are made to partake in illegal acts of war, to carry the burden of conscience.

The UK military is one of defence not aggression.
It relays on the cool head of state to decide its actions.

Theresa May has broken that covenant.

Her actions are without legal backing proof or moral right.

Our military would be best served with politicians of conscience to do the right thing.

Our military would best serve the nation in its role of defence not aggression.

Our military would best be served by leaders who care about the consequences.


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