#ToryElectionFraud isn’t the only attack on Democracy – the Tories are Gerrymandering the House of Commons


Towards the end of last year there was a Tory backbench rebellion over the gerrymandering boundary changes being rammed through the Commons by Theresa May.

In the upcoming Boundary changes the Conservatives are in one stroke going to get rid of 75 democratically elected seats – mainly of opposing parties. In doing so they will ‘cement in’ the control of Parliament they gained by #ToryElectionFraud, which they now seek to increase at the June General Election.

To compound the disenfranchisement, the models used to redraw the boundaries don’t factor in the 2 million voters who registered to vote in the EU Referendum, most of whom weren’t Tory voters, bedding their disenfranchisement into the structure of our democratic process. Nor will they include all those registering to vote in the June 2017 General Election.

This means that after stealing 29 marginal seats from the Liberal Democrats & the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Theresa May will now effectively block the voters for those parties, many of whom joined the Electoral Roll for the EU referendum, from being considered in the boundary reforms in future elections – all whilst taking MPs seats from The Labour Party, who themselves would have had a tranche of new voters registering for the EU referendum.

The Tories are doing all of this in the teeth of opposition from their own MPs, as well as the rest of the House of Commons. This is a government under criminal investigation for Electoral Fraud by Police forces across the land a scandal in which the Prime Minister’s own chief of Staff is implicated.

What price Democracy? Apparently all of this is happening so that

“the tax payer can save £20 million.”

Sadly, that money won’t even go half way to offsetting the cost we the Taxpayer shall fork out so that the Tories can fill the unelected House of Lords with yet more Tory Lords – they are currently planning on spending £46 million doing that.

“The reputation of politics was rock bottom, but now it is subterranean, as we have done nothing to reform the deep corruption at the heart of our political system.

What the country needs is a leader of integrity—a man who is not mired in corruption and is not dedicated to seeking office in order to gain insider knowledge that can then be prostituted to the highest bidder upon leaving office.

We need a man who is different from what we have had, and that is what the country is looking forward to.

We have people leaving this House honoured, but then having the consolation of vast salaries of up to £650,000 for a part-time job (the former Conservatives Chancellor of Austerity, George Osborne). This does not honour politics—it drags politics down into the gutter.

What we need is a new Prime Minister of probity and integrity.”

This is a worrying development in British Constitutional politics, as it shows, like the increasingly Presidential nature of the Office of Prime Minister, that our system is picking up bad habits from the USA.



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