Socialist Students: “We’re calling for an ‘Education Shutdown’ – strikes, walk outs and occupations.”


“On Thursday 8 June 2017, young people helped generate an earthquake in British politics. We turned out in our thousands to give the Tories, and their capitalist friends, one hell of a shock. We showed that far from responding with apathy, when given the chance to vote for an alternative – for the politics of hope – young people will not be found wanting in energy, enthusiasm, and determination.

We now face a crucial turning point in British politics. Confronted with a mass movement of workers and young people, this Tory government can be rapidly forced from power. That’s why we need to make the autumn of 2017 an autumn of resistance.

Students have an important part to play.

Corbyn’s pledge to introduce free education had an electrifying effect during his election campaign. We know that the abolition of fees is not some pipe dream. On the basis of a mass movement that forces the Conservatives from office, it is imminently achievable.

That’s why Socialist Students will be organising substantial protests on our campuses to coincide with budget day in the autumn. We’re calling for an ‘Education Shutdown’ – strikes walk outs and occupations. We’re demanding that the leadership of the NUS utilises its resources and authority to mobilise its members – this should include organising a huge national demonstration.

We Say:

*Fight for free education – make the 1% pay

*Living grants for all college and university students

*Stop the cuts – end austerity

*Write off student debt

*Abolish the TEF – fight marketisation

*Tories out – Corbyn in

*Fight for Socialism – for a society for the many not the few”

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