“Newsnight made an investigation into Jimmy Saville that would have broken the lid off the whole story, but it got suppressed by BBC editor Peter Rippon.”


“Where is Clive Edwards, former BBC Newsnight editor?

His blog entries for the BBC have been wiped clean, which given his long service for the Beeb, is curious.

For 22 years Mr Edwards was current affairs commissioning editor for the BBC.

In 2015, following a distinct pattern adhered to by everyone else who told the truth about Jimmy Saville, Mr Edwards was ushered out of his active role at the BBC.

In contrast, everyone who kept quiet has been either promoted or protected from censure.

Newsnight made an investigation into Jimmy Saville that would have broken the lid off the whole story, but it got suppressed by BBC editor Peter Rippon.

After this suppression scandal blew up, the BBC proceeded to force out every reporter and producer who had helped with the suppressed Newsnight story.

Liz McKean & Meirion Jones, the writers, were sacked. Tom Giles, the former editor of Panorama, was sacked from the BBC news department for getting Panorama to do a follow up on the BBC coverup of the Newsnight story into the original BBC cover up of Jimmy Savilles horrendous crimes.

Peter Horrocks, a BBC executive who was quoted at the time as saying “the BBC must act honourably” surprisingly then resigned, citing his desire to : “find new challenges.”

And what about Clive Edwards, the man who made the Panorama documentary? He was demoted. And now, he’s gone from BBC News completely.

Meirion jones, who wrote the Newsnight story, and was sacked for it, had made complaints. To ‘fix’ this problem, BBC bosses have done everything possible to keep Edwards quiet.

First, he went on leave. To tend his garden. Then, they gave him a £140,000 payout for ‘redundancy’. Then they created a new job for him at the BBC’s almost completely fake “College of Journalism” where he draws a six figure paycheque.

Kevin Marsh, who was also airbrushed from the BBC following a cover up over the Andrew Gilligan saga, was also sent to this ‘College of Journalism’ to ‘work’.

He was so grateful that when the Newsnight scandal came out, he publicly defended the editor that suppressed the story, Peter Rippon, and made fun of those who suggested there was another cover up afoot.

So why airbrush Clive Edwards? Well, Mr Edwards was running the three editing suites on which the original Newsnight story was put together. This made him dangerous to the management of the BBC who wanted to suppress the story.

He knows what evidence was left out of the Newsnight programme, and he knows who ordered such evidence be removed.

He knows the answers to the questions the Pollard Inquiry into Jimmy Saville missed.

Since this happened, Clive Edwards has gone from being commissioning editor for Current Affairs for the whole of the BBC to being paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to produce such ground breaking BBC television as “Muslim Driving School” & “Peckham Finishing School For Girls”.

Makes perfect sense.”

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