Yorkshire University: “Tory ‘Corporate Welfare’ Spend Exceeds FIFTY YEARS of Austerity Savings.”


Over the last parliament the Tory Austerity drive has cost well over thirty thousand British souls. Given the brutality of Tory cuts, one would expect some reward for the enormous sacrifices our Great British family has made these last seven years.

Under Tory rule the national debt has risen at record pace.

Debt has almost doubled since 2010, surging from 950 Billion to 1.773 Trillion Pounds – an increase of over eighty five percent.

Given the sheer depth of savings and the savagery of cuts to our entire state, one must wonder where all of our money is going. According to research conducted by Kevin Farnsworth, a senior lecturer at York University, the answer is simple – the Tories give it all away to multinational corporations. They simply hand it to foreign powers.

Since 2010 the total handouts to corporate powers is OVER TEN TIMES the total saving of ALL austerity measures. The entire cost of EU membership over the same period amounts to less than a fifth of that given away to multinational corporations by our corrupt Tory government.

Farnsworth estimates Tory Corporate Welfare to cost Taxpayers £93bn a year – the annual transfer of more than £3,500 from each household in the UK – more than double the average council tax bill.

This corporate welfare epidemic means we actually pay for the activities of multi national giants like Amazon, while also exempting them from normal taxation.

According to analysis ”In 2012, Amazon was attacked by MPs on parliament’s public accounts committee for avoiding UK tax. Yet in the same period, the online retailer was awarded £16.5m in grants by the administrations of Scotland and Wales to build distribution centres. To link the Wales plant to the transport network, the Welsh assembly built the mile-long “Ffordd Amazon road” at an additional cost of £3m.”

Repeatedly condemned by the UN for human rights abuses against our own citizens, the Tories have preached the necessity of austerity for the last decade.

We now know this to be an outright lie.

by Guido Paine

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