“Female doctors with children are a huge burden on the NHS.” – Former Tory Health Minister Anna Soubry


“I have always been very supportive of the Conservative NHS reforms.

We could have done more when the plans were set out initially to explain the benefits for patients, and encourage the support of health professionals.

We all know that the NHS needs to change to ensure it can deliver the best possible care for everyone.”

Anna Soubry, former Health Minister under Jeremy Hunt making a statement in support of the Tory NHS privatisation agenda.

In March 2012, a group of 240 doctors, including 30 professors wrote a letter of complaint describing the Bill as an “embarrassment to democracy” which had no support from professional healthcare organisations.

They blamed the Bill’s supporters for putting the government’s survival “above professional opinion, patient safety and the will of the citizens of this country”.

Not content with voting for, facilitating and implementing the legislation that has led to the privatisation and dismantling of the NHS, Anna Soubry has also disparaged the staff of the NHS, unforgivably describing female doctors who had children as “a huge burden on the NHS.”

Not content with running down the NHS and its staff, Anna Soubry has also spoken in the least complimentary terms possible with regards to the poorest citizens in our country:

“When I walk around my constituency, you can almost tell somebody’s background by their weight. They [the poor people] just sit in front of the telly and eat.”

Anyone describing Anna Soubry as ‘not bad, for a Tory’ needs to do some research into their political opinions.

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