“Alastair Campbell’s New Labour campaign against the Welsh Jew Micheal Howard proves he’s in no position to point the finger on antisemitism.”


New Labour used anti-semitic Posters as propaganda now complain the party has a Anti Semitic problem.

Jeremy Corbyn fight against Anti semitism is a battle royal especially when the people claiming he is not doing enough are the same people that used Anti-semitic propaganda in their campaigns normalising this aberrant behaviour the BLAIRITES…

2005 not one eyelid batted by Hodge..
After all it’s her old pall Campbell behind it.

In order to test the Labour right-wingers’ sincerity about anti-Semitism, it’s worth looking into how many of them made vociferous public complaints in 2005 when Tony Blair’s spin doctor Alistair Campbell masterminded grotesque political attack posters depicting the Jewish Tory leader Michael Howard as a Fagin character and as a pig.

None of them!

Not a single one of them reacted with fury when a fellow Labour right-winger got caught subverting the party machinery in order to produce an anti-Semitic attack campaign.

Not a single one of them called for Campbell’s expulsion from the party.

Not a single one of them took umbrage at Campbell’s foul-mouthed and dismissive “f@%k off and cover something important you twats” rant at the BBC journalists who exposed his anti-Semitism.

Not a single one of them conducted a show resignation to focus more press attention on the issue.

Not a single one of them used Campbell’s brazen anti-Semitism to orchestrate a campaign against the party leader Tony Blair.

Some of the most vociferous anti-Corbyn voices today even made excuses for it!

Right-wing Labour MP Louise Ellman for example dismissed the Fagin/pig poster scandal by saying “I do not think it is deliberately anti-Semitic”.

Does anyone seriously think Ellman would calmly dismiss the incident as some kind of “not deliberately anti-Semitic” accidental cock-up had a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s inner circle actually masterminded posters depicting a Jewish person as a pig and a Fagin character? Of course she wouldn’t have, she’d be howling outrage to the press about it if such a thing had happened (and legitimately so).

So why did she actually talk down the seriousness of the scandal in 2005? Could it be that the architect of the Fagin/pig posters comes from the same right-wing faction of the Labour Party as she does, so she let her politics do the talking rather than her moral objection to anti-Semitism?

And what’s worse is that nobody in the mainstream media is even remotely prepared to call these faux outrage spewing Labour right-wingers out on their glaring and undeniable hypocrisy.

You would have thought that trapping them with proof of their own hypocrisy would make brilliant “car crash” “gotcha” type moments, but somehow no mainstream media journalist is prepared to hold these internal wreckers to their own supposed standard of conduct by pointing out their outright indifference to probably the biggest anti-Semitic scandal in the Labour leadership in recent decades.

The poster that caused most offence showed Mr Howard swinging a pocket watch on a chain and saying: “I can spend the same money twice.” Critics said it had echoes of Dickens’s Jewish pickpocket, Fagin, or Shylock from The Merchant of Venice. Another poster depicted Mr Howard and Mr Letwin, both of whom are of Jewish descent, as flying pigs with the same message about Tory sums not adding up. Jews regard pigs as unclean. Whatsmore, another racist trope against them is that they ‘fiddle the figures’.

All of these tropes were evident in Campbell’s campaign.

Back in 2005:

Campbell not TBWA the source of ‘anti-Semitic’ posters
LONDON – Spin chief Alastair Campbell, who returned to join Labour’s election team last week, has been revealed as the force behind the ‘flying pigs’ and ‘Shylock’ posters, which had been attributed to the party’s ad agency TBWA\London.

This was the extent of the outrage by New Labour.
Louise Ellman, Labour MP for Liverpool Riverside, who is Jewish and a vice-chairman of the Labour Friends of Israel, said the poster showing Mr Howard looking like a Shylock or Fagin figure was unacceptable.

“I think it is very insensitive,” she said. “I do not think it is deliberately anti-Semitic but we should not have such posters.”

Harry Cohen, another Jewish Labour MP, said he did not believe there was any intended anti-Semitism but that those responsible had not thought hard enough that they might cause offence.

“We should concentrate on pushing the positive messages that Labour has to sell.”

Fraser Kemp, Labour’s deputy campaign co-ordinator, said Mr Howard was a link with economic failures of the past and that Labour had a right to highlight his record.

Denying charges of anti-Semitism, he said the use of the fob watch was intended to show that the Tories would hypnotise people into thinking they would create a better economy, when the reverse would be the case.

“The common theme is that the Tories are trying to con you,” he said.

The argument is the latest in a series in which charges of anti-Semitism have been made against Labour. Last year Jewish leaders criticised Ian McCartney, the party chairman, after he said at Labour’s Scottish conference: “What would life under Slasher Letwin look like? No Oliver Twist, this man – more of a Fagin.”

Ned Temko, the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, told The World at One on Radio 4: “I like to think the posters were a cock-up rather than a conspiracy.”

These were actually real New Labour official posters..



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