MP’s rejected Labour’s Brexit vision

Labour brexit
Descent in the ranks over Labour backing a second referendum.

MPs have emphatically rejected Labour’s Brexit vision, placing huge pressure on the Labour leader to row in behind a second referendum.

Mr Corbyn told Labour MPs earlier this week that he was ready to back a Final Say vote “to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit being forced on the country” if his plan was defeated.

Corbyn Brexit plan was defeated by 323 votes to 240, which under the new party policy should mean Labour will now push for a second EU referendum.

The statement made afterwards does not clarify how Labour would achieve a second EU referendum or the direction of policy, a Labour press statement is much needed.

Jeremy Corbyn said Labour would back a public vote while also pushing for “other available options”, including a general election and Labour’s own Brexit plan.

Descent in the ranks on a second referendum.

Labour former minister Caroline Flint said the party should not back a second referendum despite the defeat of Jeremy Corbyn’s plan.

She said: “I think the British public want us to get on with this and sort out a deal that works.”

The Don Valley MP said: “I don’t support a second referendum, many of may Labour colleagues in the Parliamentary Labour Party – but also members as well as Labour leave voters – want the Labour Party to stand by its promise, and the promise was to respect the referendum.

“We have said, in a general election in 2017, the decision to leave has been settled by the British people, we will work to get a deal.”

She said Labour’s leadership should “engage in negotiation, to use the leverage you have got, to get a better deal”.

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