“The working class know what they voted for and have more faith in their country than their Remainer counterparts.”


“Darlington is a Labour constituency that voted leave in the referendum they show that their democratic vote will not be overturned!

When will hard line Remainers stop shouting?

The working class know what they voted for and have more faith in their country than their Remainer counterparts.

Most Remainers are exactly what it says on their Labour Membership cards (look on the back) “The Labour party is a Democratic socialist Party.” They accept the result of the referendum, they are more concerned with ensuring Labour as a party of opposition do their job effectively and counter any infringements on workers and environmental rights while getting the best deal on leaving the EU as possible.

We expect the Labour party to be working on a model to rebalance our economy outside the EU not undermining our democracy, we expect the Labour party to ensure its disenfranchised members and supporters in the Labour heartlands have a vision of hope.

We believe that will be a reality outside the EU under a Labour Party lead by jeremy Corbyn.

Most people that voted remain are not represented by remainiacs like this. But it seems it is now par for the remain course and does no argument any good.

During a highly-charged debate over Brexit in Darlington, ardent Remainer Christian – dubbed the “most hated man on television” following his stint as host of the infamous 90′s show The Word – repeatedly spoke over Dimbleby and fellow guest Richard Tice, earning heckles of “shut up” from the audience.

But it was the panel’s chair who finally ended Christian’s tirade over the potential drawbacks of leaving the EU.

“Okay, let’s stop, stop, stop, stop, stop please,” Dimbleby demanded.

“It’s getting boring, you’re getting boring,” he continued, chanting “boring, boring”.

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