“Claims of foreign influence are being used to clamp down people’s democratic rights. They will use these laws to repress the population.”


RP: Can you comment on Australia’s new “foreign interference” laws and the whipping up of anti-China sentiment?

CA: This Russiagate business in the US and the claims of foreign influence by Chinese in Australia are total beat ups. Every nation attempts to influence outcomes to benefit their own country but the biggest culprit in all this is the US and the CIA.

Claims of foreign influence are being used to clamp down people’s democratic rights. They will use these laws to repress the population. The Gillard government also watered down the political defence against extradition, which makes it easier for the US to extradite Australian citizens. The US is demanding laws change in every country they dominate.

We are working towards becoming a totalitarian state, 1984 is here. If you don’t fight it now then you will suffer under it. Julian is in the forefront of this—he’s the number one target at the moment and he’s the one we have to stand up for. I say this, not just as a mother, but as a citizen and someone who believes in democracy and freedom. We have to fight because if they take him, they can take anyone and they will take anyone. We have to do this en masse and in this way we can hold back the forces of oppression.

I encourage young people to stand up and fight and not get side-tracked by all the identity politics stuff. The main issue is freedom of speech, freedom of the press and genuine democracy. Identity politics is a deep state diversion. They don’t want us united to fight against oppression and take on the people who are really going to hurt you.

RP: And this is inseparable from the fight against war.

CA: That’s right. The message should be “join the dots.” The people with power and privilege are all connected. We don’t have a hope unless we’re all connected.

People have to de-lineate between the genuine traditional left who stand up for the rights and living standards of the common people, and the so-called liberal left or pseudo-left who are only interested in their individual concerns and privileges. Young people need to understand that they will not be able to change the world by joining the pseudo-left.

I also want to thank the World Socialist Web Site for being one of the few media outlets reporting the facts on Julian and his persecution, right from the beginning. Your site was able to see what truth in journalism really is. It has steadfastly supported him through all the ups and downs, and all the changes of governments. I urge people to support the World Socialist Web Site and all other independent media. This is extremely important.”

READ MORE HERE:http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2018/07/24/cass-j24.html

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