Climate protesters disrupt Hammond’s Mansion House speech

Climate protesters disrupt Hammond's Mansion House speech

Climate change protesters have disrupted the beginning of Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Mansion House Speech in the City of London.

They were removed from the event and Mr Hammond continued his speech a few minutes later, saying he was part of a government that had committed to net-zero carbon emissions.

Around 40 environmental protesters interrupted a major speech by U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond in the City of London.

Campaigners from the Greenpeace group burst into the main hall in Mansion House, where Hammond had just started his speech that’s expected to focus on his legacy at the Treasury.

The protesters shouted “this is a climate emergency” and resisted being ushered away by organizers.

“this is a climate emergency”

Hammond, who was visibly annoyed by the protesters, told the room, “This is the government who has just led the world by committing to a zero carbon economy by 2050.”

Theresa May last week announced that the U.K. will adopt laws that require a cut in net emissions from fossil fuels and other greenhouse gases to zero by 2050. The move, recommended by the government’s Committee on Climate Change, won backing from across the political spectrum.

But Hammond raised concern about the cost, writing in a letter to May that it would cost taxpayers 1 trillion pounds ($1.3 trillion) at the expense of investment in schools, police, hospitals and other public spending, according to a person familiar with the matter.

While the Treasury supports the emissions reduction target, it wants a review before the final decision is made, a spokesperson said.


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