Jeremy Hunt & the Tories haven’t hit NHS targets since 2015, so they redefined their targets – and missed those, too.



The ongoing exposure of Jeremy Hunt’s failings as Health Secretary continued in the House of Commons today. Targets are being missed, and have not been achieved since mid 2015. The Tories are then redefining their targets, missing those too, and today we have learned that they are being dropped completely.

This comes in tandem with the fact that the Conservatives have left vast swathes of the NHS workforce in legal Limbo post Brexit. There is an ongoing  staffing & funding crisis in the NHS.

20 hospitals declared a black alert over the winter, which in the NHS is the worst thing you can declare. The 4 hour wait target hasn’t been met since July 2015. 4 million people are waiting for referral for treatment, and ambulance times haven’t been on target in 20 months.

People are going for an operation and getting their bed filled, so they can’t get back into their bed after a serious operation. The fundamental thing that lies behind all of this is a lack of money.

“Is that not the clearest admission that the targets will not be met next year, because in the next 12 months the NHS will be denied the funding it needs and, as a consequence, patients will suffer?”

It looks increasingly clear that the Conservatives consider ‘their job’ to be running down the NHS pending privatisation – in the context of Brexit, ‘never letting a crisis go to waste’, and using the issue to play politics with the NHS, its staff & its patients – The tax paying British Public.

“We are doing our job.” says Jeremy Hunt.


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