High Court orders NHS to pay Virgin Care a ‘secret payout’ as Branson successfully sues over losing £82m contract


Virgin Care, the private healthcare corporation owned by billionaire Richard Branson, has been successful in taking NHS England to court.

Proceedings began  when the company was not awarded a 3 year medical service contract for pediatric healthcare in Surrey.

The contract was award to a social enterprise instead.

The NHS is the single greatest achievement in the history of these islands. It was the reward our ancestors clawed back from the establishment after the working classes, for the second time in 30 years, had to win a world war for Great Britain.

It is our inheritance – and if we let the monied, greedy political class, in the guise of this banker backed and banker bailing out Conservatives government take it away from us – we will never, ever get it back.

“Privatisation is well down the road in our NHS – what we should be campaigning for is the Renationalisation of our NHS.

And I’ll tell you where the money comes from – it should come from tax avoidance and tax evasion, the corporate elite who rob from the Treasury £40 billion every year.

Invest in our NHS and renationalise it.

Len McCluskey, leader of Unite

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