“Almost every care home should be placed on “Special Measures” immediately”


“The care cap has been delayed until 2020, meaning for a further three years our elderly, disabled and vulnerable are being punished by the Conservative government whilst the social care system is in dire straits.

Carers are currently going into frontline work with approximately 4 hours of training. Carers are living off a minimum of £7.50 per hour. Carers are working shifts with not enough break time in between to get to those that need them. Carers areno longer classed as having careers but are seen as churn, filling urgent vacancies due to care homes desperately needing staff.

Council tax rates have increased for everyone (including the badly paid carers) to pay towards our Social Care System which has fallen foul to austerity. Please could you post this open letter to the Care Quality Commission?”

Open letter to Sir David Behan (CEO) of the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Dear Sir,

The Health and Social Care Act (2012) transferred powers to parliament whereas the previous system saw that ministers were able to set up new organisations etc..

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulate care providers to ensure standards set out within this legislation are carried out.
To date, The CQC will not set a definite ratio of patients to carers and I personally have seen and worked in places that were seriously and dangerously understaffed.
Regulation 18 (CQC) staffing – states that

“Providers must not act in a way that prevents, limits or would result in staff not meeting requirements required by professional regulators.”

Staff shortages and lack of training and experience causes serious errors. You only need to look at the safeguarding concerns that have been raised to the CQC and the causes.

Staff are set a “living wage” of £7.50 ph whilst also paying at local level an increase in council tax rates towards a social care system that is thread bare.

It is not very well known but is understood and believed that if an act of Parliament breaches the convention rights of the human rights act (HRA, 1998) then the courts can decide that an act of legislation is no longer compatible.

The Health and Social Care Act (2012) recognises and states that

“Demand is growing rapidly as the population ages and long-term conditions become more common”

yet Parliament allowed and accepted the 2017 budget of £2 billion over three years to go to our social care system whilst delaying the Care cap until 2020 for the elderly, disabled and vulnerable who have to pay for their care.

The HRA, 1998 article 8 breaches include

“being treated badly in a care home”

I am therefore openly recommending to all carers and families that they report understaffing, lack of training, financial abuse (that pesky care cap) and any issues directly to the CQC.

Almost every care home should be placed on “Special Measures” immediately

Sincerely & Respectfully
Miss Sarah Wiles
In support of all carers and individuals receiving social care in the UK

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