Tory Attorney General says Tony Blair has “implied immunity” from prosecution – are British Governments above the law?



“I think Tony Blair should confess. Everyone who has committed war crimes should be tried. I think it was an illegal war, Kofi Annan agrees that it was an illegal war.” – Jeremy Corbyn

The illegal invasion of Iraq shattered the global legal system, weakened the U.N. destabalised global & Middle Eastern politics and gave rise to the power vacuum & carnage conditions that have birthed ISIS. The current leader of The Labour Party is unequivocal on what should happen to Tony Blair, unlike many of Blair’s acolytes, and it would seem, the current Tory government. 

It said that Blair, as the former head of the government, and figures like Jack Straw who were government ministers, had “implied immunity”. This begs the Question what on earth Robin Cook was thinking back in the early noughties. Robin Cook resigned from Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’ cabinet as he said :

“because I cannot accept collective responsibility for an illegal invasion of Iraq.”

Cook refused to accept collective responsibility and gave up his career. Those who stayed, and kept their political careers, by definition accepted collective cabinet responsibility. Such traditions form the backbone of our unwritten British Constitution. If they are abandoned, our whole code of law unravels, from the top down.

The only reason the Tories are taking this line is because they, as the current government, will benefit from the precedent of ‘implied immunity’.

As Oliver Cromwell proved, in Britain, not even monarchs have implied immunity. So why on earth should politicians? Especially politicians like Tony Blair who knowingly lie to and mislead Parliament & the People, telling them a country could hit us with WMD in 45 minutes. Who knowingly ‘sexed up’ a ‘dodgy dossier’ to fabricate the ‘flawed intelligence’ he used to con us into Iraq.

“In September 2002 the head of Mi6 rushed to Downing Street to tell Blair excitedly that they had finally found the source that confirmed everything. The source, he said Saddam Hussein was making vast quantities of VS & Sarin nerve agents.

The nerve agents were being loaded into linked hollow glass spheres…..but then someone in Mi6 noticed the details were describing were identical to scenes in the 1996 movie The Rock, starring Sean Connery & Nicholas Cage.

A later report into the Iraq War pointed out :

‘glass containers were not typically used in chemical munitions, and the informant had obviously seen a popular movie, known as ‘The Rock’, which inaccurately depicted nerve agents being carried in glass beads or spheres’………..” –

Now Jeremy Wright, Tory Attorney General & MP for Kenilworth and Southam, has requested to join the case against Blair, and has called for the attempt to prosecute Mr Blair and his aides under British & International Warcrime Laws to be thrown out

His spokeswoman told the Press Association:

“He is seeking to intervene in this case because it raises issues about the scope of criminal law.

“It is not unusual for the attorney general to intervene in these sort of cases in order to represent the public interest.”

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