#PMQs: “a man froze to death waiting 16 hrs for an ambulance. The PM is in denial. Will she save the NHS from death by 1000 cuts?”


Prime Minister’s Questions: Jeremy Corbyn vs Theresa May

“Doctors say patients are dying prematurely in corridors – should the public believe the PM or Doctors? Does the PM agree with the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson that the NHS requires an extra £5 billion.” – Corbyn

“The Chancellor at the last budget announced there was £6 billion a year for the NHS.” – May

“The only problem with that is it was £2.8 billion spread like thin gruel over 2 years. According to a whistleblower as many as 80 patients were harmed or dies following significant ambulance delays. The PM must be aware of ambulances backed up in hospital car parks, with nurses treating patients outside the hospital.

It’s been reported that a man froze to death waiting 16 hours for an ambulance.

The PM is frankly in denial about the state of the NHS – even the Foreign Secretary accepts that it needs more money.

When is the Prime Minister going to save the NHS from death by a thousand cuts?”” – Corbyn

Corbyn dismantles the Tory record on the NHS crisis.

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