The Tories – Making People poor since 1834


“So let me get this straight all you Tory voters out there, did you vote Conservative to have….

1. Terrorist sympathisers in government
2. More cuts to all public services across the board
3. Anti abortion
4. No gay marriages
5. Handpick the countries elderly get to have a winter fuel allowance
6. Stop children’s school dinners & give them a breakfast instead worth 7p
7. Make the elderly have to give up their house when they die to pay for care
8. Under-fund the NHS
9. Privatise the NHS
10. Keep wages low
11. Under-fund housing projects so that there is not enough affordable social housing
12. Increasing taxes on the poor
13. Uncontrolled immigration
14. Snoopers charter
15. Internet surveillance
16. Underpaying nurses etc below the rate of inflation
17. Giving tax breaks to the rich and elite
The list just goes on and on.

How is this supposed to move forward our society as a whole whereby we can all prosper from the taxes we pay and our rights as a citizen of this country? If it wasn’t down to the public outcry the Tory manifesto would have crippled the vast majority of the people in the UK. Where is your social awareness for the basic needs for every person in this country? Why is it every Tories answer to making changes for the so called better always start from the poor whilst the rich and elite get an easy ride?

Theresa May has shown nothing but ineptitude and a disregard for not only the people that voted her in but also everybody that didn’t. This country is not some sort of ‘elite club’ whereby only the inner circle prosper, government are there to serve the whole country without prejudice and all she has done is make a mess of it all. She is an absolute failure and her recent dealings with the DUP is a vile attempt to hang on to power without acknowledging that her voters didn’t vote them in and what they stand for. All Tory voters should be ashamed of her for what she has now done to this country, not to mention David Cameron!

How can so many people be so hung up on voting Tory when the list above is an abomination for putting the people first? It is beggars belief and as far as I can see Theresa May deserves every single bit of bad press she gets before she eventually gets booted out of number 10. Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand has made a manifesto that speaks for the people and just because voters do not have confidence in him to deliver you would rather vote for the devil reincarnated known as Theresa May. To think she is a vicars daughter whilst acting like Satan is just beyond comprehension. Now after she has put the country into turmoil who can honestly say they are glad they voted Tory? For those that still do, you obviously have no social conscience. Theresa May is inept and weak for u-turning at every policy with public outcry and this is the person leading us into Brexit! GOD HELP US ALL!”

One of the best things about running this page was reading things like this.

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