“Merseyside police & CPS let off student who viciously attacked a female Ambulance Technician, fracturing her cheek bone.”


Open season for attacking Ambulance Staff.

“While the Midlands Police charge and fine a member of the public for leaving a note on an Ambulance, Merseyside Police and the CPS can’t be bothered charging a student who viciously attacked a female Ambulance Technician fracturing her cheek bone.

A colleague who went to the aid of a distressed young woman outside the Royal Liverpool Hospital was viciously punched in the face so hard that she sustained a fractured cheek bone, damaged sinuses, blurred vision and crippling headaches.
Let’s call her J Mc went to help a young student who was severely distressed, half naked and with no shoes on at 05-30 in the morning.

J Mc went to the 19 year old students aid because of her distress and her state of undress, the intoxicated student then assaulted the Ambulance worker as she tried to help her.

Police were called and questioned the attacker, interviewed witnesses and collected cctv evidence of the ferocious attack.

Several weeks later the victim who is now under maxio facial treatment was told that as the assailant was from a good family, no action was to be taken.

Now let’s consider if the victim was a Police officer or member of the public or if the assailant was male and from a lesser upbringing, anyone else think the result would have been different ?

What signal does this send out when the Police can’t be bothered to press charges even with witnesses and cctv evidence and then the CPS write it off as nothing.

Shame on both organisations considering we work closely with both.

This is a travesty and bone laziness on behalf of both agencies.

Put a note on an ambulance in Stoke get fined £120, costs of £135 and victim charges of £35, but punch a ambulance woman in the face so hard you fracture her cheek bone up in Liverpool its nothing.

Open season for ambulance attacks up north then.

You may need to check the facts are true, to do so contact Sandra Johnson at North West Ambulance Service, Mersey Region on 0151 260 5220.

Meanwhile we’ll keep ducking.”

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