“Carillion Chief was Conservative ‘corporate responsibility’ Tsar who urged people to vote Tory – Chumocracy”


“This isn’t just the failure of a company, it is the failure of the whole system of privatising our public services.

Wouldn’t the simplest & most effective way be to bring these contracts back into the Public sector?

Incompetent in office.

Wreckless with taxpayer’s money.

Helpless with public services.

Isn’t it time the government made way for an administration that cares and that will do due diligence?

The Tory Party had too cosy a relationship with the Carillion Chair – who was, and I’m not joking, the Tory government’s corporate responsibility Tsar. The same man who urged people to vote Tory in 2015 – ‘Chumocracy’.”

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