“…accept the rule of democracy & party policy. Get behind Corbyn & his team and work for a people’s Brexit.”


“Having just sat through another interview listening to a member of Parliament calling for a second EU referendum, I’m compelled to write this, if only to vent my frustration at right leaning MPs who don’t seem to get the concept of democracy.

First of all, these same politicians just didn’t see the Brexit vote coming. If they lived in my village they wouldn’t have been shocked. In fact they would have been fully anticipating people would choose to leave the EU.

Not because they hate Europe or Europeans, not because they dislike foreigners, not because they are ‘thick’ or uneducated – but it was because they were sick of being talked down to by a political class that knows little about and seemingly cares even less for the plight of working class communities.

Secondly, the more working class people in these areas are ‘told’ how and what they should be thinking, then the more those MPs will ostracise these voters and in doing so jeopardise colleague’s seats. I know of people who voted remain in the referendum who are now willing to vote the opposite way due to interventions and pontificating by people like Campbell, Blair, Clegg and their ilk.

These right wingers seem to perpetually repeat the mistakes of the first decade of this century which saw millions of lost Labour votes. As Tony Benn put it;

‘When I look at New Labour, I wonder if it wasn’t like trying to light a bonfire on a frozen lake – looked marvellous, bright lights, shining white but you melted away your own support.’ As one ex miner told me, ‘I didn’t walk away from Labour, they walked away from me.’

If the extreme right of the party aren’t careful we will see history repeating itself.”


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