Tory anarchy in the UK – brought to you by Theresa May. The Conservatives are crashing the country & they must be stopped.


“Grenfell: 150 plus deaths rumoured.

“D notice” imposed by government. i.e. a DSMA-Notice (Defence and Security Media Advisory Notice) which suppresses news in cases of anticipated civil unrest.”

Nothing helps to get to the truth like suppressing public oversight…Let the Conservatives cover up commence. Is it any wonder angry Grenfell Tower protesters have stormed Kensington Town Hall? The tin eared response from government to this catastrophe has been appalling.

For 7 years this Conservatives government have ridden roughshod over the social contract. They fail to defend us properly, they fail to collect taxes properly and they fail to protect the most vulnerable properly.

They can’t even provide houses properly.

They have avariciously eyed our NHS for decades and are going to use the post Brexit settlement to impose yet more politically motivated attacks on the sections of society that don’t support them, or their agenda.

Boris Johnson was warned by a 9 year old girl about the dangers of fire service cuts back in 2013:

“I was wondering if you could keep our fire station open, because there was a fire on our estate and there were no exits or water. It was on the Peabody Estate.” – Juliette, 9

The fire service cuts carried out by the Conservatives saved each council tax payer in London 1 pence per day.

In his own words the former Tory Mayor & current Foreign Secretary said it was a ‘Heartbreaking plea’. She warned him it was dangerous. She, though only 9 years old, was right.

It is not ‘politicising a tragedy’ to point this out.

Our public services, the Fire Service, the NHS and the Police, have been cut to ‘pay down the debt’.

That political mantra of Austerity, ‘balancing the books’, has come before British citizen’s lives since 2010.

So what is Theresa May‘s Conservatives party record on reducing the Debt?

“The debt with this Conservatives government is £1.73 TRILLION – it’s gone up by £750 billion.

They didn’t manage to reduce the deficit to 0 by 2015 as they promised, they then said they’d do it by 2020 – they’ve failed to do that.” – Barry Gardiner

Have you noticed the monarch keeps embarrassing the Prime Minister? Theresa May said it wasn’t safe to meet the public – it’s important to note that the Queen herself proved her wrong about this when she visited #Grenfell.

Just like after the Manchester attack, #theQueen‘s actions, showing up and providing some leadership skills, highlights the fact that the Prime Minister wasn’t providing the leadership needed for these situations.

The Queens Speech has been delayed, because there is no coalition. Theresa May does not have the 326 M.P.s required to gain Royal Assent to form a government. Did she lie to #HMtheQueen about the coalition deal?

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