Blairite bully boy accuses Momentum of posting dead bird through his door – 3 years before the Left Wing group existed


.John Mann claimed his wife was sent a dead bird for standing against anti-Semitism, linking it to Momentum and a local Labour antisemite.

In fact the dead bird incident happened in 2012 – the pro Corbyn Momentum group was founded in 2015, designed as a counterweight to the heavily financed and previously influential ‘Progress’ group, which was set up to help enforce Tony Blair’s changes to the Labour Party.

The dead bird delivered to the Mann household was delivered three years prior to the existence of Momentum, by a Labour party member named Roger Dyas-Elliot who confessed that he sent the dead bird through the letterbox of the Bassetlaw MP because he was ‘bitter’ for being refused the chance to stand as a Labour councillor by Bassetlaw District Applications Panel

“due to his ‘unkempt appearance’.”

As reported on Thursday 26 July 2012 in the Woksop Guardian:

“A ‘BITTER’ Carlton man responsible for sending a dead bird to the wife of Bassetlaw MP John Mann appeared in court to receive s restraining order and be sentenced today (Thursday 26th July) Roger Dyas-Elliott, 65, from Ramsden Crescent, admitted to the indecent act at Worksop Magistrates’ Court on Monday. Today before sentencing, the court heard how Dyas-Elliot found the dead blackbird in his garden before putting it in a jiffy bag and posting it to Coun White’s home address from a post office in Doncaster. Coun White, who was voted into office for Worksop East in this year’s local elections, returned home on the evening of Wednesday 16th May to find the package addressed to her.”

Why on earth is John Mann lying and accusing Momentum – presumably with the help of Doc Brown & Marty McFly – of having anything to do with this incident?

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