“Funny tinge” Blairite who defected to Lib Dems demands £22,000 when she loses her seat


“I cannot underestimate my horror in finding in the latest guidance these payments are only available if you stand in the same ‘seat’ – The implications of this are terrifying.”

“As you can imagine being an MP for a considerable amount of time these payments provided some comfort in the event of losing on election day.”

“Given I had no option but to move to another party and then no option but to move to a vacant candidacy, I honestly consider I am being discriminated against,” Smith claimed she had to run in a different seat because the Lib Dems had already selected a MP candidate in Penistone.

Her decision to leave Labour and join the Lib Dems was her own.

She continued: “To be honest it is terrifying me and cannot say loud enough that I feel aggrieved that after serving our country for last 14 1/2 years I could lose everything because of this rule that if implemented would cost me around £22,000 in loss of Office Payment and 2 months net pay.”

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