Boris Johnson in talks with David Davis while Philip Hammond is seen ‘packing his bags’ in Downing Street

Mr Hammond, seen loading a car with suitcases. image Credit Steve Back

Boris Johnson in talks with David Davis to return to Cabinet, make Rees-Mogg Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Matt Hancock Chancellor…. while Philip Hammond is seen ‘packing his bags’ in Downing Street

Meanwhile former Brexit Secretary David Davis is in talks to return to the government as part of Boris Johnson’s Cabinet, with current Chancellor Philip Hammond spotted packing up his belongings at Downing Street today.

Mr Davis, 70, was the first pro-Leave minister to quit because of Theresa May’s Brexit deal and he is now in line to become the new Chancellor or Foreign Secretary.

It is believed that he told Mr Johnson, the favourite to become the next Prime Minister on Tuesday, that he would not accept anything less than one of the most senior jobs.

There is also speculation that Jacob Rees-Mogg could be made Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Mr Hammond, meanwhile, looks set to close the curtain on his time as Chancellor on Tuesday and was seen loading a car with suitcases today.

It is unclear if he has moved out of his residence at Number 11, but he packed the car with a large amount of luggage, including cases, bags and holdalls.

His replacement was expected to be current Home Secretary Sajid Javid, but according to sources, he hasn’t ‘done enough’ to support Mr Johnson’s campaign.

His replacement as Chancellor will be named next week, after Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt are named Prime Minister

Both former leadership contenders were lobbying to be the Chancellor after their bids to become PM failed.

Mr Hancock’s Health Department has been at the forefront of No Deal planning.

A source said in late June: ‘Matt has really impressed Boris over the last week, taking a grip on planning for his Government without making a big song and dance about it publicly.’

Jeremy Hunt, thought to be certain to lose to Mr Johnson in the leadership contest, was tipped to become deputy prime minister.

However, Brexiteers would now prefer Iain Duncan Smith and are pushing for him to be given the role.

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