Article 50 vote: MPs debate Brexit delay and second referendum

John Bercow
John Bercow has chosen the following amendments to be voted on tonight
John Bercow has chosen the following amendments to be voted on tonight:
AMENDMENT H: Wollaston – Instructs the PM to request an extension of Article 50 in order to hold a second referendum.
AMENDMENT I: Benn – Extend Article 50 to find a way forward with majority support, by taking control of parliamentary time on 20th March.
AMENDMENT E: Corbyn – Extend Article 50 to avoid leaving without a deal, and to provide parliamentary time for the House to find a majority for a different approach.
AMENDMENT J: Bryant – Prevent the government from holding another Meaningful Vote as it has already been rejected by parliament.

How does the Speaker choose which amendments will be voted on?

After Speaker of the House John Bercow’s selection of an amendment calling for a second EU referendum caused an outcry from Brexiteers, the House of Commons released this video explaining the process. According to Bercow, this is what he considers in choosing an amendment for debate and, ultimately, vote: is it orderly, does it relate to the motion’s purpose, does it have a range of support, will it help the House reach a conclusion that might be helpful in considering the motion?