Owen Smith “considering” quitting Labour over Brexit

Owen Smith MP
Owen Smith MP threatens quitting Labour over Brexit

Owen Smith was “better best forgotten!”

Owen Smith, who ran against Jeremy Corbyn as leader in 2016 and lost, has told the BBC he is “considering” quitting the Labour Party over its position on Brexit.

Following the news of Corbyn’s five demands for a Brexit deal, Smith described the question of whether he could “in all good conscience remain a member of the Labour Party” as a “good” one.

“I think it’s something that I and lots of other people are considering now,” the backbench Corbynsceptic MP said.

On whether the moment to leave Labour is now, Smith commented: “No, I don’t think it is quite yet. We – those of us who believe that Brexit is wrong in principle for our country and wrong in practice – still have an opportunity to try and influence within the Labour Party…”

Asked whether he is going to resign, the MP replied: “I haven’t come to that decision.”

Smith supports the idea of another EU referendum. Along with other Right wing Blairites.


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