Richard Branson’s Virgin Care has sucked £2billion out of the NHS in the last 5 years


Virgin Care has trousered £2billion in cash from the NHS. £1 billion in a single year alone. Virgin Care and its subsidiaries now hold at least 400 contracts across the public sector.

“The company has been so keen to get a foothold in healthcare, it’s even been prepared to go to court to win contracts, moves that have cost the NHS dearly.

“While the NHS remains dangerously short of funds, taxpayers’ money shouldn’t be wasted on these dangerous experiments in privatisation.”

Sara Gorton, the head of health at the trade union Unison

This is the man funding the ‘Stop Brexit’ campaign, so he can push for an EU style insurance based healthcare system. As The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said on the false efficiencies of NHS privatisation:

“I want to properly Nationalise the NHS. When you bring in a barrier it actually makes the service more inefficient.”

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