The reason Corbyn’s opponents want a ‘Stop Brexit’ Labour Party? It would lead to a 400+ seat Tory government

In answer to every & any Liberals or Blairites asking questions like this: “Good evening all, just to clarify things, I’m a member of the Labour party in Surrey & I voted for Jeremy. My question to you all is, why doesn’t Jeremy oppose Brex****, therefore opposing this collapsing Government, it will earn Labour alot of votes & will go along way to us winning the next Election?”
Why? Well, mainly because 17.4 million voters in a first past the post system mapped as a General Election is over 400 seats, many of them Labour heartlands. to be exact, as a General election the Leave camp win a total of 408 constituencies, over 150 more than Remain’s 242 – which under a Labour Party committing political suicide as a ‘Stop Brexit’ party would be divided between Labour, the SNP, the Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru & the Greens.
Imagine a Tory government, forever. That’s what happens if Labour are seen in any way to try and undo the democratic vote for Brexit.
Will the NHS survive that? No.


As one commenter put it:
“For me it’s simple, why interfere with an evil government when it is carrying out political suicide, Brexit had to happen for us to become completely free of Neo-Liberalism, it is why we will end up with a Corbyn led Labour government in power and the best place on earth to live, everything is going entirely to plan so stop trying to stop it.”

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