Britannia the Brave enslaved – her sovereignty in tatters as foreign politicians decide to keep UK in the EU against her wishes


We’re not a country any more, at least, not in any sense that our ancestors would recognise.

More pointless delay. This is supposed to be a free democracy, all commoners with an equal vote. Yet we have supposedly liberal people believing their vote is worth more.

That’s neither liberal or democratic.

We were asked a question: we voted to leave.

This deal is a compromise, time for remainers to start compromising.

Have a little faith in this great country and its adaptable capable people.

This Parliament needs to be dissolved. We are officially being held hostage.

Having spent 5 years nursing a WW2 veteran who flew 36 bombing missions over Nazi Germany for the democratic right of these islands it is difficult to deny that his generations’ sacrifice is being squandered by people who aren’t fit to represent us.

Democratic rights exist because of the blood and sacrifices of our ancestors.
Anyone who doesn’t know this is basically a child.

The contempt for the Working Class from Remainers is palpable.

The Labour party was built by the Working Class, and yet it has sided with these people who hate the Working Class.
No self respecting member of the Working Classes can vote for anyone associated with this horrendous subversion of democracy.

Tony Blair was wrong – we’re not “all Middle Class now.”

This tweet comes from the sort of Labour people who are totally pig ignorant of the fact the Single Market they want was reformed by Thatcher in 1987, the EU has no minimum standards for wages/maternity/sickness coverage & the Left used to oppose European integration for precisely these reasons.

They are smugnerant – smug and ignorant.

They are all adverts for everything they oppose.

The message from the Working Class is this: Wait till the General Election results. You’ll see how wrong you all are then.

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