Chief executive of Atos – IDS’s executioners – nominated as EU Commission Single Market chief


When Iain Duncan Smith visited Auschwitz in the late 2000’s, he remarked 
“It was when I walked through the gate with its infamous statement Arbeit Macht Frei, that I realised how little I knew about this place of cruelty & death,”

During the Liberal Democrat/Tory coalition of 2010-2015 under Cameron & Clegg, in a speech about their work program, Smith boasted that

`”work makes you free.”

The same exact words above the gates at the Nazi death camp he had visited only a year before.

The result of the Con/Dem coalition’s Welfare reforms was 120,000 unnecessary deaths of sick & disabled people, as well as the poor & jobless.

The company that IDS hired to inflict these changes on the most needy, ATOS, has just seen it’s Chief Executive nominated to the EU Commission.

As reported in Labour Heartlands:Emmanuel Macron has nominated the longtime CEO of outsourcing company Atos to be France’s new EU commissioner.

A former finance minister under Jacques Chirac, Mr Breton went on to run Atos from 2009 onward.
If confirmed by the European Parliament he would be in charge of the EU’s single market.
Who is Thierry Breton? Breton currently heads, Atos the controversial company behind DWP assessments.

Read more on the controversial character Thierry Breton and French telecoms terrible legacy of privatisation and suicides.”

Atos Boss to be EU Commissioner

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