Does The Labour Membership Need To Purge its own MPs?


The day after the EU Referendum, the greatest constitutional upheaval since the Glorious Revolution, the anti-Corbyn faction of the Labour Party abandoned their posts.  No matter which side of the Brexit vote you happen to be on the fact remains – this was an act of venal politiking that only served to show how deeply unpatriotic these people really are. Brexiteer or Europhile, regardless of race, creed, colour or religion it is distinctly un-British to abandon your post at a time of National Importance.

In the present day, we have the daily revelations of the #ToryElectionFraud  scandal – which might see the Tory parliamentary majority Theresa May inherited from Dodgy David Cameron evaporate. For a government to have its parliamentary majority brought into doubt at such a constitutionally sensitive time as this, the post-Brexit settlement, makes this a time of National & Constitutional Importance like no other.

So, guess what the anti-Corbyn faction of the Labour Party do? Pitch in and hold the Government to the will of the People, and try to unite the 48% and the 52%? Not quite.

Here’s the Timeline: the Police caution & question 2 Tory MPs for #ToryElectionFraud. The political & media narrative switches to how this impacts on the post-Brexit chaos under Theresa Mays reign of Treasonous Mayhem.

The Tories are fined £70,000 for committing Spending Fraud in 3 by elections. 12 more MPs have their cases handed in to the Crime Prosecution Service. Another dozen or so are pending. If enough of these cases result in by elections, Theresa May’s slender majority in parliament will disappear. Her lack of a personal mandate will be increasingly scrutinised. Time for all anti-Tory forces in the country to unite for the greater good of the integrity of the nation’s body politik, right? Wrong.

The Labour Party, instead of attacking the illegitimate Conservative government, decide, once again, to attack their own leader. Alarmingly, the attacks were leaked through the right/far right Mail & the Express, showing the desperation of the New Labour brigade for some limelight. This attention starved desperation was highlighted by the jittery, fidgety performance of Tony Blair on the Andrew Marr show, as he once again poured poison down the throat of the “soft-Brexit” brigade by advocating for their cause. The way the man speaks to the public he lied to is astounding. Why doesn’t Mandelson tell him how cancerous he is to any political cause he advocates for? Has the once feared Prince of Darkness lost his sharpness?

Which brings us to Blair’s bouncing bruiser – Two Jags. His time has passed. In fact, that is a theme – all of these people’s times have passed. In Prescott’s case he gets points for attempting unity, but his efforts would have been better served keeping his New Labourites in line than lecturing the current front bench.

Corbyn is not popular with whole sections of the electorate – but the British Public save a particular sense of hatred for those who abandon their posts at a time of crisis. There is also the fact that this man has been twice returned by the Labour membership, who to this day back him to the hilt and are growing increasingly distraught and angry at the politicking of the frankly deluded & disconnected factions with in the Labour Party. To say Corbyn has been “******* useless” ignores the facts of Parliament:

Electorally speaking, in the last year the disgruntled faction of the Labour Party look to the British voter like traitors to the British People three times over. Once by abandoning their constitutional posts at a time of National Importance, then by betraying British Democratic processes by ignoring the will of the Largest political party in the country, and then some of them betrayed the British State by conspiring with the diplomats of foreign governments in order to receive a £1 million payment to help “take down” a sitting UK Government Minister.

Our Nation is in a Constitutional Crisis – someone needs to tell Tony & Two Jags that no one cares what they, or a soon to be former Brighton MP, thinks. Someone needs to tell the PLP it’s time to respect the Labour Membership & the British People. They had the Purge and the £25 poll tax last Summer. Many people talk of Labour facing a wipe out like the faced before the War, in the 1930s, when the Labour Party got smashed down to 50 or so MPs, having been seen to have abandoned their core voters. Sound familiar? They were accused of selling the working classes out to the banking & political establishment in the aftermath of a massive economic collapse in the Great Depression. Sound familiar?

By March 1938 Nye Bevan was writing in Tribune that Churchill’s warnings about German intentions for Czechoslovakia were “a diapason of majestic harmony” compared to Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s “thin, listless trickle”.

Bevan called for a Popular Front against fascism under the leadership of the Labour Party, including even anti-fascist Tories. On 31 March 1939 Bevan was expelled from the Labour Party along with a handful of others for sharing platforms with organisations not affiliated to Labour in his pursuit of a Popular Front. Sound familiar?

There was crushing economic devastation during the war, but after the War Labour still managed to build the welfare state and National Health Service thanks to people like who stayed true to those that put them in Power – like Aneurin Bevan.

To many, Blair & Mandelson are criminals & getting rid of them and their acolytes would positively promote what is beneficial to the party.

One of our founders got wrongly expelled from the party last year because we had the temerity to raise money to help people pay their bills during the leadership election. Many people couldn’t afford to eat that week because of the £25 poll tax they slapped on it.

That’s more than half a week’s worth of benefits to some.

Labour is supposed to be the party for the working class. What’s wrong with wanting to take it back to its core values? Does the Labour Membership need to “Prune the bush and watch it grow”?

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