Ex-Tory MP Antoinette Sandbach joins Liberal Democrats hoping to preserve her EU subsidies.

Hafodunos Farms Ltd received £23,588.02 in EU subsidies for 2017, and £25,173.29 in EU subsidies for 2018

The EU gravy train keeps chugging along.

MP Antoinette Sandbach, who was expelled from the parliamentary Conservative Party last month, has joined the Liberal Democrats in the vain attempt to overturn Article 50 Sandbach or Antoinette Sherratt know by European union as vested interest in keeping us in the EU.

The Remain-voting Cheshire MP was among 21 rebels who lost the Tory whip after rebelling against Boris Johnson in a bid to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

She will stand as a Liberal Democrat candidate in her Eddisbury constituency in December’s general election.

Explaining her decision, she said the Tory Party had “moved their values”.

Her move makes her the eighth MP to have joined the Lib Dems this year.

Speaking to Radio 4’s Today programme, she said she had considered not standing for re-election.

Ms Sandbach was not among the 10 rebels readmitted to the party last month, shortly before the Commons backed the legislation to approve the 12 December election.

Earlier this month, she lost a confidence vote among her local party members – she described it as “symbolic” but added that “it most likely means that I am not going to be the Conservative candidate in the next election”.

By standing down she risked losing the £27,000 payout she will receive if she loses her seat. If she had just resigned without contesting, she would have left with no payout.

By standing for the Lib Dems who want to completely overturn the democratic vote by revoking A50 and ignoring the 17.4 million leave voters. Sandbank or as she is know by EU Antoinette Sherratt hopes to give herself a fighting chance of retaining her EU handouts.

Sandbank uses her maiden name in public life, choosing not to use her married name – Antoinette Sherratt. There’s nothing unusual in this, bar the fact she continues to use her maiden name in her capacity as company director of Hafodunos Farms Ltd.

Hafodunos Farms Ltd received £23,588.02 in EU subsidies for 2017, and £25,173.29 in EU subsidies for 2018, through the Common Agricultural Policy. Both payments would’ve given Sandbach a six-figure income from the taxpayer…

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