It’s not just Richard Branson’s Virgin that are feasting off our NHS. Here’s a list of the other culprits:



  • Alliance / Lodestone – Diagnostics for the NHS and independent sector
  • BDO – Commissioning services for the NHS
  • BMI – You can now choose to have your NHS treatment at a BMI Healthcare hospital
  • BUPA, the biggest private healthcare company which takes your money and then depends on the NHS to carry out expensive treatments
  • Capio, free family practice services if registered with them
  • Capita, IT, patient engagement, HR, payroll, estates, commissioning services
  • Cap Gemine, programme management and specialist technical expertise for the NHS
  • Care UK, Day care and homes for elderly. GP services, diagnostics, CATS, treatment centres, mental health services learning disability services. Annual income per year from the NHS of over £350 million
  • Centene, IT, digital technologies for NHS
  • Circle UK, Circle targets large community care contracts and is the first private company to run an NHS hospital – Hinchingbrooke in Cambridgeshire
  • Classic Care, homecare services
  • Diaverum UK Ltd, kidney services in partnership with the NHS
  • Exel Europe Ltd, consumer procurables acquired for NHS
  • Gemini, IT support for NHS
  • General Healthcare, a private specialist in fertility treatment
  • HCA International supports private company participation in NHS services. Through US companies Tenet Healthcare and Aspen Healthcare they provide “increasing opportunities to work with and support the National Health Service” 
  • IBM provides electronic staff records services to the NHS, payroll, pensions and other human resources functions. IBM’s service covers 1.4m employees at the NHS
  • InHealth Group, diagnostics for NHS throughout the UK
  • McKesson, IT support
  • Mouchel, Commissioning services
  • Nector Primecare, Home care, care homes, mental health services, children’s services, out-of-hours, dentistry and primary care
  • Netcare, a network of clinics set up in 2002 in the UK by South African company, which works under contract to the NHS
  • Optimum, part of of US United Health Group which works with the NHS to provide services such as contract negotiations and medication management
  • Partnership in Care, Largest independent provider of secure mental health facilities across the UK working with the NHS
  • Pathology First LLP and Facilities First LLP, providing pathology services to NHS Foundation Trusts
  • The Practice, 75% owned by US company Centene, providing primary care services and specialist clinical services to GPs
  • Priory Group, Provider of acute mental health care, specialist education, complex care and neuro-rehabilitation services, fostering and care homes
  • Ramsay, UK has a network of 22 acute hospitals in the UK delivering both private treatment and care under contract to the NHS
  • Spite Classic, Second largest private healthcare hospital group in the UK with 37 hospitals, with NHS admissions accounting for 25% of its business
  • Totally PLC, working with the NHS with out of hospital care, including physiotherapy, podiatry, dermatology, referral management services and clinical health coaching
  • United Health/Optum, Health needs assessment, GP Commissioning, performance & contract management, Medicines management

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