“…you appear to be saying you are cleaning up the mess left by Jeremy Hunt.” Tory Health Secretary in car crash interview



“Jeremy Hunt’s at times bizarre interview in full – Is this proof that Jeremy Hunt’s cognitive capacities are diminished to the point where he might require medical oversight, where some sort of intervention is necessary? It’s not a joke, this man is now, as Marr points out, displaying signs of split personality disorder.

If not, the gall on display here is absolutely unbelievable. The man seems to completely fail to grasp that the problems he is now diagnosing in the NHS were either caused by or exacerbated by him.

The only point where he showed any human enthusiasm for the topic of discussion was when he was explaining to Marr how he was the 3rd longest serving Secretary of State for Health in the history of the nation.

That fact alone is a sad indictment of our country.”

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