Jeremy Hunt knows that the North West has no Cardiac Coverage


“Dear Secretary of State for Health,

We the undersigned demand that you make a decision as quickly as possible as to the siting of an Adult Congenital Heart service in the North-West of England.

The service, currently organised as a network with Manchester as the lead hospital, has collapsed due a combination of staff moving for career reasons and also sickness. This has means that patients are currently being sent to Leeds and Newcastle for cardiological and surgical reasons.

We know that there is a consultation that will close on 17 July, but we know none of the proposals would leave the North-West without a service. Therefore, we demand as patients and those who care for patients that you minimise the impact on patients by making the decision on where the service is sited as quickly as possible.

We thank you for your attention in this matter.”

Gail Ashworth. Support here:

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