May’s weak refusal to sack Children’s Minister for attending “meat market” men only charity event shows the parlous state of Tory Politics


Boris Johnson is unsackable. So is Nadhim Zahawi. The latter has, apparently, been ‘disciplined’, whatever that means.

This begs the question: other than questioning the way Theresa May is handling Brexit, what would a Tory Minister have to do to get sacked by this weak Tory PM?

In a sensational expose of the flagrant lack of morals in the wealthy parts of British Society, the Financial Times revealed that:

“130 tall, thin and pretty women served 300 men at the self described ‘most un-PC event of the year’…”

One of the men in attendance is our nation’s Minister for Children in our nation’s Department of Education.

Despite his actions, like Bojo the clown, Nadhim Zahawi shall continue.

On behalf of Theresa May and the Tories, he will be the man who helps carve out the education policy that guides the minds of our nation’s youth.

A truly sickening thought, in light of recent events.


One rule for them, another for the rest.

Just imagine the outrage in the right wing press had a member of Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn’s cabinet attended this event – then imagine the uproar had Corbyn ‘stood by’ said cabinet member.

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