Swinson sells out Remainers as Farage set to announce non aggression pact with BoJo to fight Labour in Leave seats


50 of the Marginals Labour must win to take office in government voted Leave. 2/3s of all Labour seats voted Leave. 3/4 of Tory seats voted Leave.

Breaking: “Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is due to make an announcement tomorrow at 11am. They are expected to announce an informal non aggression pact with the Tories under Boris Johnson to fight for Brexit in Leave voting seats.

This marks a change from threatening to stand a candidate in all 650 UK constituencies. 

The deposits alone eat up £300,000 and given local spending rules to compete in each seat the average permissible spend is £10,000 per seat so that is £6 million. On top of that parties can spend up to 3 times that nationally.

The Brexit Party coffers are drying up as some previous Tory donors have reverted back.

So if they do run 650 candidates it will be for ego purposes and drain what little cash they have. We shall see tomorrow. Bearing in mind Brexit Party are now in some polls in single figures and Tories are polling 35 to 40%.

It is going to be a straight blue on red fight and as stated in their electoral briefing notes: NHS etc is what Labour are running on.

Following Corbyn’s launch speech right now, they are clearly shying away from Brexit.” – Leave campaign source.

Jo Swinson claims she wants to stop Brexit – infact she’s selling Remainers down the river to gain a handful of MPs. As ever, the Lib Dems are simply playing petty party politics to make gains from political fallout. Typical Yellow Tories.

At present, Labour’s 2nd Referendum will lose them this election, given that the Liberal Democrats & SNP will be campaigning against Labour whilst the Brexit Party are helping the Tories. Labour will be lucky to win 200 seats.


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