“The biggest confidence trick was convincing people that direct action can’t make a difference & that we are too weak to do anything about injustice.”

"Why has he prioritised giving £5 billion to the banks?"

"The Chancellor wishes to avoid debate on some of the key issues facing our communities. Let me raise one of those questions, which was totally neglected last week in the Budget. The Chancellor received representations from Action for Children, the Local Government Association and Barnardo’s on the crisis in children’s services. Sir Tony Hawkhead, chief executive of Action for Children, has said that: “children’s services are on an unstable and dangerous footing. We’re calling on the Government to prioritise the services children need before this crisis turns into a catastrophe”. What was in the Chancellor’s mind when he prioritised giving nearly £5 billion to the banks rather than plugging the gap in children’s services for those most in need in our society?" John McDonnell Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Posted by The London Economic on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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