“The right wing doesn’t like it because socialism is back.”


Instead of regulating the banks, Thatcherite economic policy has seen us slash our public services to pay for bailouts.

We did this whilst squandering our natural infrastructure & natural resource reserves, failing to pool the revenues generated into a sovereign wealth fund as Tony Benn intended.

Instead, those assets were stripped by the same bankers whose bailout we are told is being paid for by this Conservatives government, and who are forcing those least able to face the burden of Austerity. The poorest take the brunt of the strain, whilst the top 1000 earners in the nation have doubled their net wealth. All whilst the debt pile has risen from £700 billion to £1.5 trillion.

This is a Tory administration under Theresa May that sits in power on the back of the criminal Electoral fraud of the ‘Heirs to Blair’ Dodgy David Cameron & George Osborne and an arguably unconstitutional £1.5 billion bung to the DUP.

Full circle. A noose for the working classes. All of this laid the ground for the rise of Corbyn.

The right wing doesn’t like it because socialism is back.

They think they are going to wipe it out for two generations, so that they can finalise the privatisation of the NHS.

The pigs must be removed from the trough. Don’t just take our word for it, here is the former editor of the Telegraph:

“The core thing which happened in the House of Commons was not opposition but collusion. MPs of rival parties have far more in common with each other than they have in common with ordinary members of the public. That in fact they are to a large extent engaged in a conspiracy against the public.”

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