“This most shameful budget was entirely out of touch with the reality of life for millions”


The Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, tore apart Tory claims to be sticking up for working people in today’s Budget Statement.

“Most shamefully, as of next month, women will have to prove that their 3rd child is a product of rape if they wish to qualify for a child tax credit for that child.

This was a budget of utter complacency. Entirely out of touch with the reality of life for millions. Who is reaping the rewards from this economy? For millions it is simply not working. It’s not working for our NHS, in its worse crisis ever. We’re the only major developed country where growth has returned but workers are worse off.

There are some who are doing very well. the Chief Execs of big companies now paid 180 times more than the average worker and taxed less. All this adds up to £70 billion in tax giveaways.

The WASPI women are facing a crisis in retirement they could never have predicted. The disabled denied the help which the courts ruled that they need. 4 million children living in poverty, which will rise by another million in coming years. A million elderly people denied the help they need by the £4.6 billion social care cuts made under them & the LibDems.

The Chancellor boasts of a strong economy, but abandoned the targets of the previous Tory Chancellor, the deficit which was going to be eradicated in 2015 – do you all remember the ‘long term economic plan’? The debt was going to peak at 80% then start falling (In 2016 it was 92%).”

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