Cardiff Police “threaten homeless with jail” during visit of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle


“I just spoke to a group of homeless people in Cardiff town centre and was told they have been threatened with 14 days in prison if they are caught sitting on the ground in town today, apparently it won’t look good for the royal visit today.

Given the chance I have no doubt they would [jail the homeless], Royal or not, all should see what years of this conservative government are doing to people.

There are more homeless people as a direct result of tory policies.

Councils are under pressure but should not hide the truth.” – Cardiff charity Left Outside Alone

It’s not just Cardiff that is suffering the effects of Tory Austerity.

“Here’s a reality check for the Tory minister: limited well paid jobs, record levels of in work poverty, coupled with this government’s unflinching assault on the welfare safety net.

The U.N. estimates 8 million UK homes are food insecure.” – Emma Lewell-Buck