British film and television producer Tony Garnett speaks about the BBC & the Miner’s Strike


“Think of the National Health Service as the model – they are doing the same there right before our eyes.

We think of the BBC in the same way, as family, as part of us. But it is not ours. It does not host a national conversation. At the end it belongs to number 10 Downing Street.”

British film and television producer Tony Garnett speaks about the BBC.

Never expect the BBC to see the point of view from the worker especially in the provinces!

An MI5 official had an office in Broadcasting House he vetted applicants and refuse many on political grounds. His decisions were rarely challenged by management even directors of drama – who had no say whatsoever of the content of the films – were blacklisted, one or two had their careers really blighted.

Such was the madness of it all it was like the Stasis in East Germany.

Even more chilling were the secret reports the Security Services regularly made against two BBC News editors – they were background briefs about the activities of radical and subversive political groups tracing their involvement in strikes and campaigns.

So if you thought Big Brother was watching you might have been correct.

This after all was what you will pay your licence fee for!

They said the British Ruling Class invented hypocrisy: it’s certainly very sophisticated.

The BBC proclaims to the world and needs to believe of itself that is his Independence of the Westminster and Whitehall establishments but its very existence is predicated on phones voted by that establishment.

No wonder the BBC obeys it’s Masters when there’s fast is deem it necessary.

The most accomplished Fiction on the BBC is the 10 news – allegedly edited by Margaret Hodge’s daughter.

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