Conservative Party reject UKIP donor Arron Bank’s application to join the Tories.


Arron Banks, founder of, first asked’s supporters to join the Conservatives “to save Brexit” – in the same manner that the Left joined the Labour party to elect Corbyn. Now it has been revealed by Tory Party HQ that Mr Bank’s own membership application has been refused.

“It is likely that a Conservative party leadership contest will be held in the next 3 to 6 months. You will therefore have a hand in choosing our next Prime Minister — and in determining the kind of Brexit that Britain gets.” said Mr Banks.

Those who have been Tory Party members for 3 months are free to vote in Tory leadership elections, where the membership chooses a candidate from leadership potentials put forward by the Conservative Parliamentary Party.

Initially the Tory Party sent Mr Banks an automated email saying he could attend Conservative party events as part of the process of approval.

Tory party rule book states local associations may refuse membership to anyone

“whose declared opinions or conduct shall, in their judgement, be inconsistent with the objects or financial wellbeing of the Federation or be likely to bring the Party into disrepute.”

Mr Banks’ local Conservative association is South Gloucestershire.

Anyone who has been a Conservative member for at least three months can take part in its leadership elections, and choose between the two candidates selected by MPs.

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