Windrush scandal: “Does the UK political class have a hierarchy of racism where working class Blacks rank below middle class Jews?”


“The lack of attention the Windrush scandal has recieved compared to the massive amounts of attention the antisemitism scandal recieved should infuriate every non racist in the country. The Windrush scandal has, after all, been going on since the last decade.

Racism is underpinned in democracies by a lack of representation.

8.4 million British citizens are BAME, there are 41 MPs who are BAME. To represent the population, there should be 84 BAME MPs.

270,000 British citizens are Jews, there are (I think) 20 MPs who are Jewish. To represent the population, there should be 0.4 Jewish MPs.

If we were to have true representation, there would be no room for either the lack of attention the Windrush scandal has had or the massive over attention the ‘Anti semitism’ scandal has had.

The curious case of Left Wing campaigner & Momentum co founder Jackie Walker, a black Jewish lady, perfectly highlights the fact that there is a hierarchy of racism in this country.

All racism is unacceptable.

We are all citizens in a democracy, and as such should have total equality as humans before the law in a democratic societyk, and should treat each other as comrades together in the many struggles of life.

Yesterday, after PMQs, many Labour MPs thought reading out mean comments from unverified and often fake social media accounts was more important than talking about the fact that many of our black citizens are being deported by a racist Tory government.

Enough is Enough. The Blairites quite clearly have their own non Labour agenda – and representing us isn’t part of it.”

“So we’re talking about 0.02% of members, already being dealt with by Labour compliance for making anti-Semitic statements.

Hands up if the media have made you believe that Labour is riddled with unchecked anti-Semitism.”

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