“Don’t ever let the Tories tell you there isn’t enough money for the NHS. There is.”


“Calm down dear, it’s only a recession.”

That’s a direct quote from a picture David & Samantha Cameron had on their kitchen wall. Feel the contempt.

Don’t ever let the Tories tell you there isn’t enough money for the NHS. There is. This is one of the richest countries on earth, and we have some of the lowest spending on health in Europe, but some of the best results. Why?

Because the staff of the NHS have got used to operating on shoestrings whilst reorganisations and middle management soak up cash.

They’ve got used to cleaning up the mess caused by the parts of the NHS that have gone private or PFI.

They’ve got used to dealing with the ambulance chasing lawyers that come afterwards, the poxy management consultants that don’t help and the idiot politicians whose incompetence literally kills thousands of people.

Not enough money for the NHS? We pissed £1,200,000,000,000 away on bailing out the banks.

That cost us £24,000 per taxpaying family. We spend more on ‘Forestry’ or ‘Media & Communications’ than we do on unemployment benefit, and yet we have vast swathes of people chomping at the bit to cut what are often THEIR OWN benefits whilst they demand the government spend money on weapons we either don’t need, can’t use or both – weapons that are operated by not enough personnel who themselves are being paid next to f*** all.

And the sick thing is? This country is absolutely swimming in cash – not just ours, but the globe’s. Anywhere on earth where they feel maybe it’s not a good idea to do business, they take the deal to London, and do it there.

Land & property in our capital city has become a global currency of its own – in fact it is THE most stable global currency for the super wealthy ‘global elite’. The corrupt and powerful from every corner of the globe spend their ill gotten and or stolen wealth on London properties, and then no matter how badly things go for them out in the wider world, their wealth is nice and safe, protected in loyal, docile Britain.

It is absolute madness to say there isn’t enough money to fund the NHS.

Wake the f*** up.” Benjamin Jenkins

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